Packing and Unpacking Rates

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Intake Session

No charge

During the intake session, we’ll have you show us the items you are packing up. We’ll assess important factors, such as how many breakables you’re moving, how much furniture you have, and what system would best keep your possessions organized while moving. We will also determine what packing supplies you will need, and we can either provide you with a shopping list or handle the shopping for you.

Let our professional organizers handle the hassle of shopping for you. They can be sure to pick up the right sizes of boxes, rolls of packing tape, and paper. Additionally, they can shop for specialized packing supplies for your fragile items to makes sure your move goes smoothly.

Shopping for Supplies


Packing/ Unpacking Session


After packing supplies have been purchased, we will come and pack your belongings. Our trained professionals provide experienced, careful, detail-oriented packing. We use an organized system of coding and indexing so that even when your life is in boxes, you have a precise list of exactly what you’ve got and exactly where you can find it. For unpacking sessions, we will unpack your belongings and get them organized in your new space.